Solutions for Security and Compliance

Increase Your Overall Security Posture and Maintain Compliance

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Protect Your Company

StratusWorX Cloud Workspace is a security and compliance-first solution that helps IT leaders sleep easier knowing that their infrastructure, applications, and data are protected. StratusWorX is backed by a seasoned group of technology veterans leveraging Microsoft Azure’s industry-leading security and compliance capabilities and rigorous testing. With an expanding set of compliance requirements and always-emerging new cyber threats, StratusWorX delivers the assurance that your environment is not creating undue risks.


Application Security

  • Automate software patches

  • Leverage ephemeral desktops to protect user content from vulnerable apps and websites

  • Protect web applications from bot and vulnerabilities

Information Security

  • Centralize an active directory system and user privileges across apps & systems

  • Follow best practices for deleting user privileges

  • Ensure all data at rest is encrypted and secure

Network Security

  • Leverage aggressive firewall settings and other features to secure desktops

  • Lock down inbound traffic to VMs

  • Ensure connections in and out of the desktop are secure

Simple. Fast. Scales globally in minutes.

Improve Your Overall Security Posture

  • Lock down the desktop
  • Minimize your attack surface
  • Monitor and diagnose application and network issues and threats
  • Analyze and optimize the performance of your applications, VMs, storage, and databases

Comply with Industry and WFH Obligations

  • Implement affordable solutions that address new WFH obligations around business continuity and security
  • Address industry compliance requirements including HIPAA, SOX, PCI and many more, leveraging Microsoft Azure’s rigorous compliance testing
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