High-Compute Performance Solutions

Design and Render Faster in the Cloud Without the Need for Fancy Machines

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Run compute-intensive applications on any device. Reduce hardware costs.

Traditionally, engineering and design-oriented applications required expensive machines and towers along with local servers to handle their heavy workloads. Mobility was the trade-off for performance. With the recent shift to work-from-home, organizations must find a way for both to coexist.  

StratusWorX provides a better, more agile and cost-effective alternative. Cloud Workspace gives staff, students and educators access to software programs – including compute-heavy apps like AutoCAD, Revit, and SolidWorks – through high-performing virtual workstations, without the need for expensive hardware.


Outperform physical workstations

  • Offload the strain on local resources for better application performance

  • Scale GPU based on workload specifications

  • Design and render faster in the cloud

  • Increase productivity and mobility

Reduce Costs

  • Replace expensive employee hardware with low-cost devices

  • Extend hardware refresh cycles

  • Stop purchasing servers

  • Stop overpaying for unmanaged software subscriptions


  • Give employees the flexibility and freedom to access their applications and data anywhere, on any device

  • Eliminate lab-capacity and hardware constraints to reach more students

  • Support Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)

Simple. Fast. Scales globally in minutes.

Improve Your Overall Security Posture

  • Lock down the desktop
  • Minimize your attack surface
  • Monitor and diagnose application and network issues and threats
  • Analyze and optimize the performance of your applications, VMs, storage, and databases

Comply with Industry and WFH Obligations

  • Implement affordable solutions that address new WFH obligations around business continuity and security
  • Address industry compliance requirements including HIPAA, SOX, PCI and many more, leveraging Microsoft Azure’s rigorous compliance testing
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