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Diversify your portfolio with leading cloud technology. Help your customers transition to a cloud-first strategy.  Build new revenue streams.


Partner Advantages

Grow Revenue

Diversify your portfolio with leading cloud technology. Add new revenue streams. Enjoy timely residual payments and generous incentives. Extend competitive offers to your clients that help close business.

Diversify Your Portfolio

As working from home becomes the new norm, grow your portfolio with in-demand technology that helps your clients quickly, securely and affordably enable their remote workforces.

Be the Hero

Solve critical businesses challenges for your clients. Cut IT spend, automate software licensing, extend the life of employee hardware, increase security, and free up IT resources.

StratusWorX exclusively partners with Telarus – the largest privately-held technology services distributor in the U.S. – to deliver fully managed IT environments in one easy-to-use platform. The Telarus channel partner community consists of over 4,000 technology brokers offering value-added services that complement StratusWorX cloud offerings.

We are eager to help our partners grow by helping businesses adopt a cloud-first strategy that’s simple, scalable, and affordable. Our channel partners receive priority support and earn lucrative spiffs in addition to competitive commissions.
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"StratusWorX has assembled a team of industry veterans who know how to serve channel partners and help businesses grow through innovative solutions and transformational change. We are thrilled to offer advanced cloud services like StratusWorX that create real value and differentiation in the marketplace."

Adam Edwards
CEO and Co-Founder
Telarus is a client of StratusWorx by using their cloud workspace solution.
StratusWorX partners with the world’s leading technology providers to deliver its best-in-class Cloud Workspace service. Together, we empower businesses and deliver exceptional end-user experiences through a fully integrated tech stack.
Become a Technology Partner
Expand your portfolio with in-demand, value added service offerings.  For systems integrators, StratusWorX delivers fully integrated IaaS, SaaS, DaaS, and DRaaS through a custom-branded, flexible and ultra-secure digital platform, without the need of an IT infrastructure. Help your business customers quickly and easily enable their remote workers, automate software licensing and employee onboarding, and increase security and compliance – all while reducing their IT spend.
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