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Get 6 Months Free Cloud Workspace – including Free Microsoft 365 andTeams

These are unprecedented and challenging times. At StratusWorX, we're focused on helping the best way we know how – by lending our expertise and our turnkeyCloud Workspace service to help businesses and organizations enable their remote workforces.

To help those organizations hardest hit, StratusWorX is offering Non-Profits,Healthcare Providers and Small Businesses the following free package to help enable their remote workers:

·     Up to 10 Cloud Workspace user seats

·     Includes Microsoft Office with Teams, a premier communication & collaboration platform

·     Free for 6 months with a one-year term

How it Works

StratusWorXCloud Workspace gives employees access to ultra-secure, high-performing clouddesktops – including software, files, and shared folders – from any location,on any device regardless of OS. Businesses can use their current softwarelicenses or add new software through an app store. It’s quick and easy to setup, and scales globally in minutes.

·      Provisions an employee desktop in two minutes orless

·      Easy app store menu requires little to no ITexpertise

·      Employee desktops work on most devices with abrowser

·      Includes storage, shared folders, backup anddisaster recovery

·      Ultra-secure

·      Simple to scale

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• Must be a Non-Profit Organization, Healthcare Provider or Small Business to qualify for promotion.

• Offer includes up to 10 free Cloud Workspace user seats at no cost for six months. No term commitment is required.

• Microsoft Office (with Teams) subscription is free for six months with each free Cloud Workspace and will be charged at list price thereafter. Other software license fees are available at list price through StratusWorX App Store and/or bring your own license (BYOL) is also supported.

• Offer available for companies with a principal place of business in the US and Canada, and subject to the End User License Agreement (EULA).

• After initial order, any new user seats will be added at list price.

• Pricing and promotions are subject to availability and contract terms.

• Stratus Silver Lining ("StratusWorX") reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time without prior notice at its sole discretion; and reserves the right to accept or reject participation at its sole discretion.

• StratusWorX reserves the right to request evidence of residency or other proof of eligibility.

• Orders must be placed on or before April 30, 2020 to qualify for the promotion.

• Additional restrictions and other conditions may apply.

• All promotions and services are subject to StratusWorX's policies.

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