COVID-19 Response: We’re here to help organizations simply, securely, and affordably enable remote workers, now and for the long term.
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Empower Your Remote Workforce. Simplify IT.

Provision virtual workspaces in minutes. Give employees access to their software, storage, and shared folders from anywhere, using any device.


Simple. Secure. Scales Globally in Minutes.

Onboard Employees in Minutes

Onboard an employee with software, compute, security, storage, and redundancy in less than two minutes, not hours or days.


Automate Software Licensing

Migrate your current software licenses or select software from a simple app-store menu. Automate patch and software updates.


Enable Your Remote Workers

Give employees the flexibility and freedom to access critical apps and data anytime, anywhere, from any device, regardless of OS.


See How We're Different.


What's New at StratusWorX.

Enable employees to work from home or anywhere in minutes.
See a cloud workspace provisioned in minutes, complete with compute, pre-licensed software, security, shared foldersa nd more.
May 18, 2020
Manufacturer Keeps Cost & Complexity Out of Recycling
Innovative recycling equipment manufacturer streamlines data capture with high-performing cloud workstations at multiple facilities.
March 3, 2020
StratusWorX Enters into Exclusive Partnership with Telarus
Exclusive partnership paves the way for Telarus partner network to expand portfolio with hyper-fast Cloud Workspace solutions.

Trusted by Major Brands.

CenturyLink uses StratusWorX to provision virtual desktops in minutes and give employees access to their software, storage, and shared folders from any device.
Ericsson works with StratusWorX's Cloud Workspace services to quickly provision virtual desktops with scalable compute resources, pre-licensed software, storage, disaster recovery and security.
Toughbuilt uses StratusWorX cloud workspace for their employees and to automate software licensing.

Recognized for Excellence.

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